Kinetico Mach Series Non-Electric Water Softener
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Mach Series softeners give you high flow rates throughout your business or home and save you money on regenerant and water use. These savings are confirmed by the systems’ certifications and its ability to surpass even the toughest of efficiencies standards. There’s nothing quite like knowing that your water, and your water treatment system, is of the best quality.

Key Feature
  Non-Electric Operation
1. No timers - simple operation
2. Volume, demand-initiated regenerations - save salt and water by only regenerating when needed
3. Counter-current regenerations  - maximize system efficiency and quality of product water
4. Soft water used when regenerating tanks – improves product water quality
5. Full port size – offers maximum flow with minimum pressure loss
6. High efficiency designs available - surpass 4,000 grain compliance standards
7. Certified by NSF and WQA to performance standards – offers peace of mind


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Kinetico Mach Series Non-Electric Water Softener

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