Model 9000 D.W.S.

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Better than a  Brita Jug D.I.Y installation


How does it work?

The Kinetico Model 9000 Drinking Water Filter uses a combination of weak acid resin and activated carbon to reduce the unwanted elements in your mains tap water.

The ion exchange resin reduces the hardness ions, calcium and magnesium - the cause of lime scale, whilst the activated carbon reduces the chlorine and sediment content thus improving the taste and adour of your drinking water.

When to change your filter cartridge

To ensure you have great tasting drinking water at your fingertips, you will need to change your Kinetico Model 9000 Drinking Water filter cartridge when you notice the limescale returning to your kettle. As with all of Kinetico's drinking water filters, changing the cartridge is just a quick twist off/ twist on - it's that simple! Approximately 12 months usage.



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Model 9000 D.W.S.  

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