Replacement Filter for Aquaguard 7500

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...Great Water, Pure & Simple. Aquaguard: Maximum Protection for Your Water
There is nothing quite like a glass of great-tasting water. Great water makes everything taste better including your favourite drinks and recipes. And Kinetico Drinking Water Filters make it easier than ever to get the best quality water right at your kitchen sink.

Kinetico Drinking Water Filters are equipped with a monitoring device called MACguard (the "MAC" stands for metered Automatic Cartridge). MACguard offers you the ultimate in protection by measuring the amount of water the unit has filtered and shutting down the system when its 1850 litres capacity has been reached (about a year's worth of drinking water for an average family of four). Without MACguard, filters can be overused and lose their filtration ability. MACguard ensures you and your family will never get a drop of unfiltered water.


Filter changes are a snap with Kinetico's unique design. Just a quick twist makes installing a new filter cartridge as easy as can be!

Filter pitchers are slow and clumsy, tap-mounted filters are unattractive and awkward, and bottled water can be expensive and cumbersome. But Kinetico Drinking Water Filters eliminate the problems associated with such quick fixes at a fraction of the cost per gallon! Conveniently installed under your sink or any other accessible location, they provide the most practical, attractive alternative.



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Replacement Filter for Aquaguard 7500

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